Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Giveaway

This week I get to give away a Gym Girl Ultra!!! It’s my favorite go-to skirt for any distance! I’ll even wear them in the winter with a pair of capris underneath. I never have any issues with chafing since the shorties underneath are the perfect length. There are so many prints, but right now it’s the Tantrum print I’m in love with! I’ll be wearing that one at the Denver Rock&Roll Half! Go to my page on Facebook, WinoRunnerGirl to enter in The raffle opted link. It goes from the 11th to the 18th.IMG_2813IMG_2821

My GGU in action at my 50th half marathon in July! Yes, that’s the Tantrum print❤️


The power of running 

I have been runningfor a  long time, but I feel like my running community is becoming so tight and so amazing lately! Today was the day we had a run for Skirt Sports and it was s part of our Kickstart program. I decided I would meet one of our badass Kickstart new runners Kara at 5:30 to run part of her long run.  We got back in time for the run with all of the other girls! So much fun! We ran , talked about weiners and other inappropriate things. I started to think about the different types of people we meet running and how we affect each other. I have met people who have changed my life through running, and will always be great full. Nicole Deboom has really brought me into a group of women who are absolutely amazing!  I have been so happy to be a part of the best group of women who are so awesome and supportive!


Bulu Box Review 

I recently had the opportunity through Sweat Pink to try and review the Bulu Box. I’m a huge fan of the subscription boxes! I already receive the box Sample Society and Fab, Fit, Fun and love trying new beauty products. This one is a little different, products are healthy supplements and things like that. I really liked it a lot! I received 7 products to try and i got right on it. 

Martha Stewart Vegetarian Multi-Vitamin Gummies- taste great! Buying them

Urgent RX Upset Stomach- saving that for a day when I feel bad on a lobg run. I actually should have used it yesterday after a very tough long, hot run.

Movit Energy Gummies- I used these on my 13 milers last week and yesterday. I’m not good about fueling, but these are great and I’ll actually use them. Not too sugary, which is a problem with other types of running fuel. 

Nuvia Cafe- This was a decent cup of instant coffee! I would use it while traveling to race. You never know what sort if bad coffee you will get in a hotel. 

Ovega 3- Omega 3 vegetarian supplement. Good for you, but the fish oil types are so gross with the fishy taste. No problem with this one!

BPI Sports Funn Bar- These are gluten and sugar free protein chews. I honestly didn’t care for these. I just didn’t care for the taste or texture. I’m going to stick with cottage cheese or yogurt for my post run protein. 

Naked Wine Voucher- I haven’t used this one yey, but of course I will! WinoRunnerGirl is all over that one🍷🍷

I highly suggest trying this one out. I love to be able to try out samples before I spend a lot of money on something I may not end up liking.  

 It’s only 10$ a box month to month! 

50 Half Marathons!

Yesterday I completed my goal of 50 half marathons before I turn 50!!! In fact, I’m a year and 2 days ahead of my goal! I’m not sure when I made this goal, but it must have been after I qualified for the Half Fantics! The races really do add up fast when you have a group you run with. We all become “race pushers”, and we sign up for everything! I was supposed to be running my 50th last week at the Revel half, but the busses didn’t show and we were told the race was cancelled shortly before the start time. It was crazy, and Amy, Amy and I were devastated. My plan changed to the Castle Rock Prairie Dog with 3W Races instead. I’m an ambassador for them and was already planning to volunteer and run it. I showed up early to volunteer for packet pickup, and that helped keep me from being too nervous. Not sure why I was so nervous, because after doing 49 I knew I could finish! I met up with some friends who were running with me for some pre race pictures.

As we took off, James (3W race director) told us to have a great race and announced it was my 50th half as I ran through the start! It was one of the most fun half of all so far! We talked to new people, and there were selfies along the way!

As we crossed the finish, I saw my husband and some other friends. It was such a great feeling of accomplishment! I had only done 1 of these half sin my 30’s and that was the only one before my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. Once I got the RA under control, I met some girls and joined their group. From there, it was on! Halts, 3 gulls and many triathlons came from that first group run! Also, many friends were made too! My 40’s have been the best years of my life so far! The support of the running community is amazing, as I saw at the finish Saturday from my friends and husband! My next challenge is 2 halfs in a week with the Denver R&R and Zooma Colorado. Maybe I’ll hit 100 by 55!

The week that the S@!& got real!

my Juns Skirt Sports blog is about the most real race. This last week all around got real for me. Last Sunday was the most “real” race in the 18 years I have been running. It was awful and it scared the hell out of me. I had taken a new medication to help boost my low white counts earlier in the week. I didn’t feel great, but not awful either. I had looked forward to running the 3W Races Fathers Day 10k with Kenny for months. From the first step it was horrible. I was gasping for air, and had never struggled like that. Kenny kept looking back and checking on me. I finally got him to go on to run the 10k as I turned back to do the 5k. I cried a few times on the way back. It was all I could do not to cry at the end as I waited for Kenny to finish.  

All week I  worried about the results of my Tuesday labs and my running and triathlon future. I felt good on the treadmill, but it’s not the same as running outside. I was very nervous for the Slacker 4 Miler yesterday, fearing another devastating race. I drove to Georgetown with my friend Erin. She’s had RA since she was just a little girl, and has overcome so much. I felt much better after that. We parted ways so she could run the half. I met up with other friends and felt more at ease waiting to start. Once the race started I just ran hard, expecting to fade out fast. Surprisingly I felt great! I kept seeing good splits on my watch and felt hopeful!i did fade the last half mile and walked a few times. My legs were super wobbly and I had to adjust to the flat from downhill running. I finished and went to the results. I was shocked to see the unofficial results had me first in my age group. The official results had me second! I celebrated with a beer with friends and stayed for the awards.  

I went from down and out to hopeful again in a weeks time! I’m the only one who was counting me out. I’m so grateful for the friends I have that help to keep me positive during the trying times! I’m going to try harder not to let myself get in a negative place anymore. The “real” races and moments make the great ones even better!

Skirt Sports Ambassador and Kickstart  Weekend 


The weekend began with an ambassador reception and dinner at Skirt Sports up in Boulder. It was great to go with friends and meet so many of the Facebook friends from other states! We ate, drank wine and shopped! 

Saturday was supposed to be my Boulder 70.3, but instead it turned into my virtual 13’er. I was disappointed and maybe just a little bitter about missing the tri, but Amy and Jill made the run awesome! We ran the actual course, which made it feel legit! The “HILL” was awful of course, but the views were amazing! 


Later Saturday, we had a barbecue at a lake where Noelle, our awesome ambassador leader lives. It was fun, but we got rained out eventually. 

Sunday, the big day for all of us in the Kickstart program! My girl Kim was gone in Chicago, working and running her race virtually. Amy and I got Morgan and Nicolette to run with. I ended up for most of the race with Nicolette, who I had met just that morning. We had fun, and I was proud to finish her first 10k with her! 


I stayed around with my friends to eat some great cake from Kim’s place, Kim and Jake’s Cakes! We cheered in the last runners and headed home. I’m very fortunate to be a part of the Skirt Sports Ambassador program as well as Kickstart! I can’t wait for next year!