My First 50K! 

A couple of weeks ago, I did my first 50k! It was the Bear Chase in Morrison, Colorado. I had decided to do it in March, because the friends I was training with for the Leadville Heavy Half were planning on doing a 50 miler in December. A 50k was going to be in their training plan. I decided that since I was turning 50 this year, it only made sense to run a 50k. Amy, Amanda and I trained all summer, with the help of lots of our BRF’S for the long runs, but our longest run on the plan was 20 miles. It made us a little nervous to only run that far, but our coach Kim is awesome, so we trusted her plan! Mainly we ran back to back weekly to be used to running on tired legs. Come race day, we were ready!

The weather was cool and perfect for the race! We had heard how hot it could be, so we really lucked out there! It was a 3 loop course, the first being the 10k loop. We took it pretty easy and stopped for the bathroom, and then to laugh after Amy took a little trip on a turn. The second loop was really great with 3 crossings in the creek, and plenty of stops at the aid stations. The last loop we expected to be really hard, but we kept feeling pretty good, even after 20 miles!!! We stopped for a picture once we hit the 26.2 mark! That was my longest distance in 5 years!! 

Still smiling. With a couple of miles to go, Amanda’s family drove by and cheered us on. We were super happy to be feeling like running to the end. 

All in all, I had such a great day! I would totally run another one! I had never felt so great after a road marathon, but we all felt really good after this! Nothing beats trail running, especially in Colorado!


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