Revel Mt. Charleston recap

I’m super behind on blogging between working a lot and training hard! Revel Mt. Charleston was early May, in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. It was the inaugural year for the race, so I talked Kenny into running it with me. 

We got to Vegas early the day before and got to the packet pickup as soon as it opened. Everything was very organized, but it was a fairly small expo. We visited an old friend Sheri to see her family museum of cars and collectibles. It was amazing! 

We took it easy and got to bed early for our very early wake up to catch the Revel bus to Mt. Charleston. There were plenty of busses and it all ran super smooth. Kenny and I ran together for the first mile before I took full advantage of the 8 miles of downhill. I chased the 1:50 pace group for 8 miles until it flattened out on the course! I’ve never seen that pace group, other than at the start before! I had to really dig deep those last miles to keep a good pace because I knew I’d PR. In the last mile I knew I’d be faster than my previous PR, so I kept pushing until the end. I came in at 1:55:54, a great time for me! I was instantly sore, and wanted to throw up, but was super happy! Kenny came in a few minutes later. He was not happy at all. He hadn’t trained much, so it wasn’t super fun for him. He will be sticking with short races from now on. Overall I highly recommend this race! It was great scenery, and it’s always fun to get away to Vegas for a few days! 


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