11 Half Marathons for 2015 and Mizunos Review!

Saturday I did my 11th half of the year! That’s 144.1 miles, not that I count miles or anything! I’ve never done this many halfs in a year, but it was easy to get caught up in the madness with lots of friends suggesting different races! Saturday was a rough one for me. There was ice and mud and I was just tired. Also, I’ve become accustomed to running my halfs with my friends. We don’t care much about our times, we just talk and have fun, so I felt a little lonely out there. 

I did get to try the new Mizunos I won from the Shut Up And Run giveaway last month. They were great! Plenty of cushion in the forefoot where I need it. I’m be never worn Mizunos before so I was hoping wearing them for a half wouldn’t be a huge mistake. I got lucky this time, and may have found my new long run shoe! I’m looking forward to 2016 and running lots of races with friends! 



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